Appeals & FAQs

Appeals will only be accepted via the official appeal methods as printed on the ticket you have received.
PLEASE NOTE: Do not ignore Parking Breach notices. If a Parking Breach Notice remains unpaid, the outstanding amount will be sent to a debt recovery agency and/or CPEL reserve the right to clamp and/or tow the vehicle until all outstanding debts are paid.

Before deciding whether to appeal against the breach notice you have been issued, please take time to read the questions on this page.  It may save you a lot of time and effort.

Q: Are breach notices valid in law?

Q: I have evidence that I had a valid permit to park and I believe it was on display when I left the vehicle. Can I appeal?

Q: I used a different vehicle on this occasion and forgot to display my parking pass. Can I appeal?

Q: I got delayed, I park here every day, it will not happen again, can I appeal?

Q: I did not get a Parking Breach Notice on my vehicle, the first information that I received was a letter in the mail?